Who I am

I'm a technology lover, innovator, and open-source contributor. I've dedicated myself to improving people's quality of life through responsible technology. I firmly believe that tech doesn't need to be an overwhelming force that takes over our lives. Instead, it can help make us happier, safer, more connected human beings.

Ben Fried

Chief Technology Officer at VaynerCommerce

Technology Consultant & Software Developer

First and foremost, I'm the CTO at VaynerCommerce. I work with an immensely talented team there to build technology products that empower the human capacity to innovate and progress for the greater good.

On nights and weekends I provide technology consulting and software development services to a wide variety of clients ranging from the Fortune 500 to educational institutions and non-profits.

When I'm not doing consulting work, you'll find me contributing to open-source projects on Github or answering your questions on Stack Overflow.

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What I do

If it's connected to the internet somehow, I probably do it. If you want some specifics:

Strategy & Consulting

Technology Implementations/Migrations & Infrastructure/Team Audits

I help companies implement new technology and migrate from older platforms such as migrating from Java or ASP.net to Node.js. I also perform infrastructure and team audits for companies looking to identify opportunities for improvement in efficiency and performance.

Cloud Infrastructure

Google Cloud/Compute Engine (GCE) & Amazon Web Services (AWS)

I'm a Google Cloud expert and have rolled out hundreds of cloud servers on Google Compute Engine. I help companies plan, build, and maintain their cloud infrastructure as well as help them reduce their costs (by as much as 10x) by migrating existing physical dedicated servers to on-demand cloud-based solutions.

Software Development

Node.js, iOS, Content Management Systems, & E-commerce

I specialize in Node.js development, creating real-time applications, API's, and back-end services for powering web and mobile apps. I also develop iOS apps and build highly dynamic and customizable websites with the ExpressionEngine Content Management System. Finally, I build e-commerce stores using the Shopify e-commerce platform, including point-of-sale integration with Shopify Plus. Bottom line: if you're looking to build something on the internet, I've done it about a million times before.

Marketing Automation, CRM Integration, & Optimization

Eloqua, Salesforce, & Optimizely

I'm an Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) Certified Professional. I've built dozens of Eloqua campaigns, created custom Eloqua API integrations and cloud connectors, and setup/configured Eloqua instances from scratch. I also have extensive experience with Salesforce and have integrated custom tracking, lead, and analytics systems with the Salesforce API. Last but not least, I've implemented multi-variable dynamic split testing across many of my clients' sites using Optimizely to help optimize conversion rates, user interaction, and customer satisfaction.

My Clients

Over the past 17 years I've worked with clients of all sizes, from multi billion dollar corporations to startups and non-profits. Industries include auotmotive, software, medical, athletics, education, and more.

Contact Me

Have a project you'd like to discuss? Just want to pick my brain? I'm always here to help. Get in touch below and I look forward to speaking with you!

Contact Address

RealityDesign, LLC
5511 Mirage Street #1031
Yorba Linda, CA 92887